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Faulty Family Laws against Canadian Immigration Spirit, Allege Detractors

Some critics claim that till the other day, the immigration rule and immigration strategy of Canada were in tune with the national spirit of keeping families as one. The Canadian immigration law says that a key goal is to ensure that families are brought back together in the country. Similarly, the administration policy–as reportedly observed in the guidebooks brought-out by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)—urges the permit officials to steer clear of dividing families during the selection.

Given this–the detractors add–it is a matter of shock that the CIC proclaimed, sometime back, that from January 2014 onwards it aims to taper the meaning of dependent kid. Main candidates in every class of Canadian immigration may cover dependent kids in their visa-submissions. Presently, a candidate’s kid would be regarded dependent, provided he is below 22 years, and not a partner or common-law partner.

A kid who is 22 years or above could also be deemed a dependent kid, in case he is depended on the monetary assistance of the parent(s), and has been a permanent student ad infinitum since prior to the age of 22. Beginning 2014, rigid changes will curtail the definition of dependent kid, via decreasing the age limit to below 19, and getting rid of the exception for the permanent students. Ottawa has allegedly specified that the present meaning of a dependent kid–for the immigration objects–is not in tune with its goals of picking-up immigrants, who handsomely contribute to the nation’s economic development.

As per Immigration Canada’s sense, senior kids don’t inhabit the nation as effortlessly as younger kids. This logic could or could not be correct. But what’s clear is that some deserving aspirants will have to take a decision, and either shift to the Maple Country or leave a kid or kids behind. The detractors conclude that the decision in question is against Immigration Canada’s affirmed purpose of keeping the families as one.

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