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Immigration backlog of Britain swelled by 180,000 in a year, allege British lawmakers

As per some British parliamentarians, the overall figure of the cases in the immigration backlog of Britain headed north by 190,000 during the previous three months of the year gone by, i.e., 2012, to more than 502,000 cases. The number allegedly covers every pending immigration case even as the reason given for the increase was not the outcome of an abrupt rash of fresh petitions but the outcome of the latest acting chief of immigration at the Home Office informing the parliamentarians about a fresh compilation in June.

They add that they should have extra facts & figures on the cases in the provisional & permanent migration bank. They further say that they have no info at all as to what type of cases really involve the backlog, or for how long they have been pending.

UKBA closes down, divided

The Home Office had taken the control of the UKBA’s activities only to place these in two groups—the first to manage permit, refuge & citizenship submissions; and the second to mange immigration implementations. Further, at the present, as many as 190,000 cases are waiting to be attended to in the Migration Refusals Pool, which is a collection of petitions, mainly submitted for refuge and/or citizenship, wherein though the submission has been rejected, nothing has been done to get rid of the candidate from the nation, more often than not because the UKBA had no idea as to where the aspirants were located.

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