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1st Batch of Permanent Residents Arrive in Canada via FSTP

In a somewhat important development, the Canadian Federal Skilled Trades Program–a fresh addition to the nation’s arrangements for Permanent Residency—has lately rolled-out red-carpet welcome to its 1st batch of successful aspirants to the nation.

The said scheme was begun in January this year, even while since then it has provided the prized and much sought after permanent residency status of the nation to the candidates from numerous countries, including India & Ireland. The program was generated with the object of drawing trades individuals, whose precious skills don’t at all times fit nicely into other immigration program, like, for instance, the one meant for the Federal Skilled Workers.

Reportedly, the incumbent Citizenship & Immigration Minister was personally present to officially applaud one of the new permanent residents–a citizen of Ireland. The latter now works as a plumber in Ontario, even as he (the Irish national) showered praise on both the scheme, and the Maple Leaf Country.

He proclaimed that Canada is a wonderful nation and the Canadians have been remarkably warm & friendly. He added that he is highly happy that he could make the cut for the scheme with the reason being the same (program) knows the importance of his specific expertise. And it has permitted him to reside in the country only to integrate flawlessly into his latest condition as a permanent resident.

Meanwhile, the incumbent Social Development Minister has welcomed an additional successful aspirant simultaneously in Calgary. Presently, the candidate is working as an electrician in Calgary.

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