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Are You Interested in Australian Skilled Immigration Visa?

If you are keen to shift to Australia through the much talked about and widely preferred Australian Skilled migration visas, you are advised to read this edit. These visas offer wonderful opportunities for trained manpower to reside and get fruitfully employed in Down Under. Through the nation’s General Skilled Migration (GSP) scheme, qualified migrants, besides trained worker aspirants, may employ their skills, employment experience, not to mention language skills to fulfill the immigration prerequisites of the country, for a permanent permit.

Courtesy a particular scarcity or profusion of the nationals trained in a specific skill set at a particular time or area, the petition conditions may be duly amended from time to time. Across some areas of the Kangaroo Land, qualified engineers could be in scarcity. Hence, a Regional Sponsored permit submission could be needed. However, if the same client files a petition for a Sponsored Migrant Permit, the petition would not be entertained, thanks to the wealth of qualified engineers already searching for employment in higher populated regions, like coastal towns or city centers.

Visas Unavailable Now

From January 1, 2013, onwards, these permits are not obtainable, namely, Skilled – Sponsored (Residence) Permit (Subcategory 886), Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) Permit (Subcategory 487), & Skilled – Independent (Residence) Permit (Subcategory 885).

Latest permit subcategories

Skilled – Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional) (Subcategory 489) Permit has substituted the Skilled – Regional Sponsored Subcategory 475 & 487 permits.

Skilled Independent Permit (Subcategory 189) substituted the Skilled – Independent Subclass 175 & 885 permits.

Skilled – Nominated (Subcategory 190) Visa: A permanent visa replaced the Skilled – Sponsored Subclass 175 and 886 visas. This choice necessitates nomination from an Australian State or Territory administration.

Using relevant news & info and getting qualified visa support

The IMMI (Department of Immigration) offers comprehensive details on their website on the various skilled migration permits up for grabs. But, comprehending which one will suit one’s specific immigration requirements in the best possible manner necessitates a basic understanding of the rapidly shifting Australian immigration atmosphere and improvements to the immigration regulations.

Hence, it’s advised that the aspirants use the services of duly qualified and licensed MARA advisors & agents who are fully up to date with every needed info, and who realize the value of timing petitions, and also who is up to date with the many modifications to the law. Almost all leading Indian cities have some bureaus of such agents. The candidates would do well to gain from their expertise to sail through the difficult and complex application process for an Australian skilled immigration visa.

Further, filing petitions for the wrong permit at the incorrect time may seriously endanger one’s chances of filing a petition at some other time. Given this, it’s necessary that the applicant gets it right the very first time, and gains what he wants—the prized Australian skilled immigration visa. YES, it’s rather crucial and highly recommended!

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