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Canadian experience prerequisite prevents immigrants from getting jobs

A fresh study suggests that the rate of unemployment amongst the aliens in Canada is rather alarming even while some observers claim that the given state is courtesy the requirement made obligatory by the Canadian recruiters/job-providers that the migrants have job experience in the Maple Leaf Country to get employed therein.

The Quandary

Until and unless an outsider gets a job, it’s virtually tricky for him to get experience of a  . The aliens find difficulties in getting a job with the reason being the recruiters usually reject them for want of experience.


Several bodies have been criticizing this requirement from the recruiters in the nation. A Human Rights organization allegedly opines that such a condition cuts down the chances of an immigrant pocketing a job even as it violates his human rights.

The Code

In this connection, the Code in the nation reportedly says that every individual in the country enjoys the right to get fruitfully employed, minus any bias whatsoever on the grounds of his caste, sex, or creed, or as matter of fact, even citizenship. And so the code suggests that migrants should not be robbed of any job opportunity just for want of Canadian experience.

The concerned observers, however, claim that the code powerfully advocates an open approach by the recruiters just for some cases wherein catering to this type of prerequisites becomes binding.

Some examples

Allegedly, African nurses are frequently subjected to such discrimination at their work stations, and are given lesser wages as well. Further, there have also been some instances wherein the immigrant are asked to sit for certain tests to demonstrate their expertise & knowledge, post some time of grabbing up an employment opportunity in Canada.

Conquering the Blockade

Meanwhile some career advisors suggest that the immigrants would do well to follow the below given measures to prevail over the stumbling blocks:

They advise the aspirants to:

  • Expand their present qualifications so that the recruiters get inspired with their CV and job experience.
  • Get some kind of training in the Maple Leaf Country to plug the gap between their national and global experience & education.
  • Fully understand the concealed job-openings in the job market and only after that shift to the nation.
  • Make efforts and get some Canadian Credentials so that their CV become better.
  • Make the perfect type of selection in case they settle for training.

Summing up, Canada has a large number of job openings even as its labor market is battling severe labor scarcities also. Still, when the aliens are required to cater to certain stringent conditions, it greatly neutralizes their chances of getting a job. But, with gap analysis, besides an appraisal of job market, one may manage to get fruitfully employed even during not too positive times.

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