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Canada Prejudiced Against Migrants, Minors: Critics

Immigrants are not allegedly paid handsomely in Canada even as their wages are comparatively lower than what are offered to the nationals for doing similar jobs, claim some critics & observers. In fact, for every dollar received by a national, an immigrant takes home in cents. In this connection, a study carried-out in 2011 reveals a BIG chasm between the rich and the poor in the nation. The said division is mainly defined by age and people’s race.

Close-to 15% persons come under poverty category, out of which a little more than 40% are from low wages brackets who happen to be mainly minors. Nearly 36% of the low income bracket consists of the aliens, who have been residing in the nation for rather a substantial duration now. The given fraction has only revealed a growing drift over time, add the critics.

Wages scenario

Nearly 30 years ago, an immigrant was known to take home 85 cents against every dollar gained by a national. About 10 years ago, the income obtained by the immigrant man had gone down to 67 cents even as a female immigrant earned even less, about 65 cents against every dollar pocketed by a national. During 2005, this wage headed north to 63 cents by a migrant male & 56 cents by an immigrant female.

Unemployment rate amongst aliens

The critics further say that an augmentation in the chasm between the rates of unemployment & immigrants as the level of education improves has been noticed. During 2009, the rate of unemployment of the new immigrants, holding a university degree, was alleged to be roughly 14%, even as the same is over 4 times for the nationals, having a university degree.

Immigrants’ troubles

Cases abound of immigrants who decided to shift to the Maple Leaf Country to improve their (and their families’) living standards and lives. For this, the immigrants may have left a good job hoping to gain a better one in the foreign country. However, when they actually landed in Canada, they learned that they were paid much less than what they took home back home. Indeed, the income that an immigrant generates is seldom in sync with his qualifications and experience.

Effect of taking home less

The aliens find it rather tough to get a job for, and even if he manages to get one his wages are inadequate for his needs. Given this, several migrants even mull over returning back to their own nations. The picture is equally, if not more depressing, for even those who have been doing jobs in the nation for over a decade or so. The critics conclude that the nation appears to be treating its minority and immigrants with a biased mindset, even while the available statistics on the wages and the rate of unemployment of the immigrants visibly prove it.

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