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New Zealand Work Visa Options: A Passing Look

Much like some other top immigration destinations of the world–such as Australia, the UK, Singapore, and Canada–New Zealand also requires 1000s of trained workers every year, to fruitfully and productively work on its industries and companies, and play a decisive role in its economy. The country proffers several easy-to-follow and immigrant-friendly work visa options for the given purpose to the keen candidates.

NZ Work Visa Categories

Each permit category has its own distinct requirements and submission procedure. These popular resident permits enable the applicants to reside and do a job in the Kiwi Land for an indefinite period even as they get the right to use majority of the publicly funded services.

Skilled Migrant Category: It’s basically meant for those who possess skills, credentials and/or experience which the nation requires. This points system is based on certain factors, like age, employment experience, qualifications, and an offer of skilled job. Aspirants could file a petition for a Resident Permit via this highly preferred class.

Work Visas: These are meant for those who are involved with a line-of-work which is undergoing skill scarcities, or have an offer of employment from a recognized recruiter/firm.

Residence from Work: Those who have held a Work to Residence Permit for not less than two years may employ this class, to file a petition for resident condition. These well-liked temporary permits enable the holders to reside and do a job in the country for a fixed time-frame.

Working Holiday Permit: It’s tailored for young individuals, typically between 18 and 30, even as it allows the holders to travel and work in the Kiwi Land for a maximum of one year (23 months for British nationals).

Other Options

Several other attractive visa choices not mentioned here also exist and this comprises the ones meant for spouse or kids.

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