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Restaurants Would Shut Down if UK Didn’t Have Migrants, Claims British Chef

All over the world, there seem to be no dearth of those who support immigration much like those who don’t. And, the UK seems no different what with a well-known celebrity chef of the nation –who also reportedly enjoys unmatched popularity across the globe—claiming that his restaurants would have been left with no option except to close shop at once, in case the UK did not have a good number of European immigrants.

The chef in question, Jamie Oliver, is the brain behind several television programmes even as he has also sold millions of books worldwide. The total worth of Oliver’s assets is believed to be more than 150 million British Pounds. In Britain, to his credit, he has 30-plus restaurants. Majority of his restaurants are a component part of his Jamie’s Italian chain even while the chef’s other group of restaurants–namely, the Fifteen–boasts of 3 eateries. This chain offers training to the poor and needy young persons.

In an interview to a well-known magazine, he also allegedly said that the aliens from the European Union (EU) appear to work harder, vis-à-vis the UK workers.

Restaurants would shut Down With No European Visitors

Oliver said that–in case the nation did not welcome any migrants from Europe–his eateries would have to bring their shutters down sooner than later as there wouldn’t be any local employees to substitute them. The chef added that though the young nationals have an impressive number of skills, they are not good enough for extended hours in the hot restaurants.

He further said that the local youths appear to be powerless to survive long hours, besides rigorous work. He also grumbled that the mothers of many young British workers had often called him for their sons to say they are very tired (just after a 48-hour week).

He continued that in his viewpoint, European people are comparatively stronger, and studier. The celebrity chef added that all through his 20s, he toiled hard worked for anywhere between 80 and 100 hours every week. In the present scenario, those working for restaurants work for much shorter periods. In spite of the EU legislation–that confines persons to not more than 48 hours of work a week–the British workers are still uncomfortable with the arrangement.

Chef not new to storm

Allegedly, Oliver has been behind substantial controversy earlier as well. During 2005, he made a television series on the school food even as he spoke about the low rates & not-too-good quality of food proffered to the kids in the state-run schools across the country. Resultantly, the government had to amend its concerned policy.

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