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Why Seek Immigration, Visa Consultancy From Experts!

Often some concerned people ask and wish to know why seek immigration and visa consultancy from the so-called experts, also known as consultants, and/or advisors, in an age when the relevant information and news reports are widely and freely available through a variety of sources, such as websites, newspapers, tabloids, TV, radio, etc.

They add why spend a great deal of money on such services which may not even guarantee that their visa petitions would eventually make the cut and find acceptance with, say, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

Well, it’s true that no visa & immigration advisor or consultant or bureau can 100% assure an aspirant that his visa-petition would successfully sail through the tricky and time-taking immigration procedure of a given country, and he would get a permit of his choice. However, it’s also a fact that professionally prepared and submitted petitions are likely to find acceptance from the concerned bodies and authorities even as the chances of the submissions being sent back, declined or delayed could be significantly minimized, if not ended completely.

It also needs to be remembered that there are over 100s of permit subcategories, duly classified as permanent, provisional, or temporary, and every permit subcategory comes with its separate program and rules and regulations. Given this, it becomes really important that one seeks and gets quality support and guidance from the experts and experienced professionals who know what is expected from an aspirant, and how he (the candidate) can boost his chances by fulfilling the conditions in the best possible manner.

Whether one intends to shift overseas with a skilled migration visa or business visa, or for that matter spouse visa, he can rest assured that he is in safe hands, if he seeks and gets qualified support and guidance from the immigration experts.

Canadian consulate bureau to open in Bangalore

While we are on the subject, it would be, perhaps, pertinent to cover a news report. A Canadian consulate bureau will be established in the southern Indian city of Bangalore in the first few months of the next year. Allegedly, the same will act as the head quarters for the South Indian region with immigration facilities. Mentioning that Karnataka alone boasts of as many as 30 Canadian firms, a concerned person said that the two way trade between the involved nations, i.e., Canada and India, is likely to hit the USD 15 billion-mark inside just the next two years, i.e., by 2015.

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