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Do illegal aliens in the US merit superior treatment?

Well, it’s a controversial question, and the jury is divided. While many people claim that undocumented immigrants do not deserve a kind treatment, and ought to be exiled from the nation, as their immigration status does not allow them to be present in the country; others claim that the so-called undocumented immigrants need not be treated harshly and unsympathetically, as many of them are helpless and not responsible for their own situations. Besides after being in the country for so many years–and playing a key role in its developmental process–it would be really a sin to treat them as ‘unwanted’ outsiders only to exile them.

Well, the opinion certainly seems to be divided. Now let’s analyze some questions and their answers thoroughly to reach a mature decision.

Why do such people land in the US?

They allegedly arrive to spend a superior life, and for this–even in case they have to take a risk of residing at a threat–they don’t mind. In point of fact, they find this risk to be better than the type of life they would have otherwise lived back home. Several of these arrive on the US soils at a young age–an age when they require going to school.

How do they land in an overseas nation?

Since they lack any legal paper allowing them to gain admission into the nation, they take assistance and support of the so-called immigration agents who bleed them white, and rob them of a BIG amount to usher them in. Such agents manage to obtain a passport which is never seen once more, post the person (the migrant) has landed in the new country. The agent, who brings him to the new country, also disappears!

What occurs to them post they have landed, and what threats they come across?

They usually get admitted into a school to pursue studies therein. When they eventually grow up, their parents or guardians don’t mind them getting them involved with an unskilled work. Besides, they constantly live under the shadow of the fear of being apprehended and exiled back to their native nation. Several such illegal immigrants are talented, and make handsome contributions to the school, or the place of work they could be involved with. However, when it comes to presenting an officially permitted paper, to establish their legal presence in the nation, they fail to fulfill the conditions.

Do they merit a superior treatment?

Well, they certainly do with the reason being a significant section of them are ushered-in, as mentioned before, at a very young age when they don’t even have any idea as to what’s may be taking place around them. In addition, they have been staying in the nation for years now, and have been a part of developmental process in some way or the other, even as the same cannot be refuted.

Even though on several occasions, they may have duly shown that they are no less than a citizen of the US–who is born here and have much to offer to the nation–they carry-on residing under a threat and even disgrace which over shadows all their achievements which they make all the way through their lives.

Summing-up, the government and the people of the US, or for that matter any other overseas country, should not be too harsh with the so-called undocumented immigrants living amongst them, and try to reach the root of the problem, in a mature and compassionate manner. They must understand that they (the migrants) could be more American (or Canadian or Australian) than what they may believe them to be. They should also realize the truth that such people could be playing a key role in improving the national economy, and helping the country progress further.

In this backdrop, it would be certainly not being a good idea to treat them shabbily, and/or exile them from the country.

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