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Graduates May Reside in Britain, Asserts Immigration Minister

According to a report, the current immigration minister of the UK has proclaimed that the nation has been unable to publicize the excellent arrangements enabling global students to settle & do a job in the country, post concluding their studies at the national universities. Harper added that Britain had to make efforts to communicate its messages efficiently, adding there was a chasm between views & truth about what various people thought about pursuing studies & doing a job in the country.

Global students may reside and do a job in the nation, in case they may find a trained job which gives not less than 20,000 British Pounds per annum.

Administration putting-off Tier 4 Permit aspirants

In a related development, an involved person allegedly said that the students were discouraged from pursuing studies in the nation by numerous factors, such as fees, the power associated with getting a British Tier 4 Student Permit, besides the cost of those permits.

Still, the primary reason preventing global students from pursuing studies in the country was the truth that the administration had eliminated the Tier 1 (Post Study Work) Permit even as the same permitted every graduate of the UK universities to do a job in the nation for a period of two years, post graduation. They would afterwards be in a position to graduate to a new permit, like a Tier 2 (General) Skilled Worker Permit, in case they were busy with work activities at the conclusion of the 2-year time-frame.

Meanwhile, another involved person reportedly observed that the shutting down of the Post Study Work Permit Class had robbed the nation of its competitive edge, especially against certain nations like Australia, which permits worldwide graduates to do a job, post graduation.

Post Study Work Closure Disturbs Accountancy Company

He added that one big accountancy organization had been in the tradition of hiring graduates of India, who had done graduation from the national universities of the UK, and offering them training in the nation for some years, prior to sending them back to India, for employment purposes. Thanks to the shutting down of the Post Study Work category, the same was not possible at the present. He further said that there was a disagreement between the administration’s claims to be open for business & keen to draw the brightest & the best and its aim to reduce immigration to lower than 100,000 per annum.

Condemnations unsupported by facts, claims Harper

Responding the claims that the UK had lost much of its appeal in the eyes of the international student community, the immigration minister maintained that though several persons say many unsupportive things, they lack the data to back those claims. He continued that, in fact, lately, an increase in the figure of students arriving to pursue studies in the UK has been witnessed.

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