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How can global students gain UK residency rights through marriage route!

Much like many others, there is no dearth of overseas students who would love to stay in Britain even as they explore the many available visa and immigration paths therein. One way for them may be to wed a citizen in Britain, and then submit petitions in view of that. YES, it could be a very good option for such students! The marriage route, in fact, is one route where the chances of success could be really high.

What one requires considering!

When you entered the nation, it was in your capacity as a student. It denotes that you had the permission and the authority from the Immigration UK to arrive in the nation on a Student Permit. There ought to be validity period for your permit, and this may be even 6 months on the basis of your specific study course.

Getting the permit extended

In case you wish to expand the validity period of your permit, you would do well to file a petition for it. Once your submission is suitably processed, you may consider gaining permission for an extended stay in the country.

Conditions for tying the knot

Earlier, an overseas person required a green signal from the UK Border Agency (UKBA), for marriage to a citizen of Britain at the registry office. At the present, there is no such requirement even as one does not require any certificate at all for the said purpose. However, you and your future partner ought to be well prepared with certain vital papers, such as identity papers, proper mailing addresses, besides notice from the concerned registrar who could be expected to supervise the marriage process.

Papers to be presented

You will have to present these necessary documents to stay in the nation, as a partner of a British citizen:

  • Passport size snaps;
  • Paper/document to establish your & your mate’s legal age;
  • Record of wedding, or a notice from the registrar who would perform the marriage lawfully;
  • Papers/documents to show that the two of you have really met;
  • Papers/documents to establish your skills in the English Language; and
  • Papers/documents to establish your financial condition.

Other Prerequisites

You and your partner must be over 18 years, and there ought to be a formal wedding between you two. And an aim of staying together permanently ought to be also presented. Besides a proper housing ought to be there, together with sufficient financial resources to support you two, so that you do not have rely on public benefits.

Duration of stay

You will have the permission to reside for a time-frame of 30 months post every key formality has been accordingly fulfilled. You may also get a permit for 33 months for out of the nation. At the termination of the said duration, one requires presenting a submission for extension. It would assist you to obtain a permit for an additional 30 months. In total, when you reside for 5 years or 60 months, you may file a petition for the well-known Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) in the nation.

Even in a scenario when you have gained admission into the country as a student, you may always wed a citizen and get the validity of your permit duly expanded. All you require doing is to be rather watchful concerning the required documents & papers.

You also need to be really true about your relationship. There should not be any tricks or false association. Remember: the UK immigration authorities are rather vigilant while giving any extension. Hence, you require be well prepared with all the right papers and the right intentions. You would certainly not like to be denied the extension, right?

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