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London Mayor Extends Support to Immigration

In a fairly positive development–from the UK immigration inspired people–the in-office London Mayor has reportedly said that, in all probability, he is the lone politician in the country who has positive views on immigration. Boris Johnson, the Mayor, added that when gifted persons are duly equipped to offer something to the society & the public, they ought to be preferred. He also stressed that he himself was the successor of aliens.

He certainly seems to be in a different zone from other national politicians in the pitch & substance of his assertions on the issue. Johnson has often claimed that London companies require being in a position to duly hire skilled persons from out-of-the-country.

Johnson has also urged the nation to enter into treaties with New Zealand & Down Under to allegedly fashion a Free Labour Mobility Zone even as the same would enable the citizens of these nations to work, without any restraints, all the way through the zone.

He has also proffered his backing to a well-known parliamentary pro-immigration pressure body claiming that the nation requires a well-run migration structure, which protects its borders and permits the brightest & the best to land on its territories, to make contributions and prosper therein.

But, the mayor has also declared that London ought to come down hard on prohibited immigration. He said it was essential to be extremely tough with banned guests since they weaken the records, not to mention the hard work done by many others.

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