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Are You Making These Common Canada Immigration Mistakes?

Canada–also known as the Maple Leaf Country–boasts of more than 60 visa & immigration schemes, each with its own exclusive set of conditions. Immigration Canada leaves no stones unturned to generate plans with prerequisites which are unambiguous. Nonetheless, not a single year passes when a large number of submissions are not sent back or dismissed, thanks to some mistakes made by aspirants.

These are frequently made unintentionally by the aspirants. At times, errors may be rectified and a submission represented. At other times, an error may prove costly and lead to severe consequences, and perhaps even mean the end of the road for the aspirant.

Here under are some common errors which candidates for permanent residency (PR), provisional work, & even visitor permits ought to be on their guard against.

  1. Discrepancies in educational, personal background: Submissions filed for the PR, in addition to some petitions for temporary residency, necessitate people to list their travel background, personal background, and/or educational background. There ought to be completely no chasms whatsoever in this history.
  2. Inadequate language test totals: Majority of the permanent residency plans need evidence of expertise in either French or English. Dissimilar standardized tests could be duly admitted for evidence of language skills on the basis of specific the immigration scheme one could be filing petition under. But, the aspirants ought to fulfill the bare minimum levels for the CLB in every language capability being assessed for a plan.
  3. Employment letters don’t fulfill perquisites: Majority of the schemes necessitate that employment experience be established by offering a letter for work even as these–by the present and/or former recruiters–elucidate the type of work a person has done on a daily basis.
  4. Listing disqualified dependents: For Canada PR submissions, only partners, common-law mates, and/or qualified biological or lawfully adopted kids could be mentioned as dependents by the main candidate. Still, some aspirants misinterpret the said restriction, and mention additional family members–like parents or brothers/sisters–as dependents. These people could not be covered in a petition even as doing the same could decrease the pace of the petition’s processing.
  5. Employing an illegal consultant: With a view to cut down the common errors, some people decide to recruit a agent to help them with their petition. The agents could be either paid or unpaid. However, if for their services one has spent money,
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    they should be either an attorney or a immigration advisor duly approved by the administration to help the visa & immigration candidates.

Sorry to say for aspirants, several charlatans are out there in the market masquerading as immigration & visa agents, when the truth is that they lack the authority to represent people. These fake agents are not answerable to the administration or/and a professional body, even as they will time and again request huge amounts of money for their services.

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