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Australian Immigration Organization Modifications Denote Speedier Partner Permit Processing

Thanks to the introduction of a fresh online facility, filing a petition for a partner permit to Australia has now become rather quicker & effortless, or so it is claimed. Now the candidates for an Australian partner visa may submit a submission via a single admission point on the website of the concerned immigration body. The applicants may generate, present, pay for, & duly handle every online petition in the single online arrangement.

The latest facility arrives as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is reportedly making major & remarkable improvements to the online permit petition structure even as the online submission for partner permits is claimed to be the 1st stage.

As per a concerned person, the amendments will make the procedure for submission pretty uncomplicated. He emphasized that the online access to the permits is a BIG step ahead towards reorganizing the petitions procedure, which delivers time & expenditure savings to firms and time starved aspirants filing a petition for the permits. He added that–in his capacity as a duly registered migration consultant–he predicts the procedure for submitting a petition for a partner permit for movement to be quicker than before.

It is probable to reside in Down Under on a Temporary Partner Permit in case the claimant is in a legitimate association with, or betrothed to a citizen or permanent resident of the country, or even a qualified citizen of New Zealand. In a situation wherein the bond is still real & continuing post two years–or in case the duo has wedded–an application for a Permanent Permit may be submitted.

In a related development, an immigration department spokesperson has reportedly announced that processing Partner Permits may take anywhere between 6 and 8 months even while the pace of the same (processing) will be improved drastically. The immigration department aims to process not less than 75%, or three-fourth, of the submissions more speedily.

The spokesperson stressed that the time taken to reach a decision on individual cases could vary on the basis of a variety of issues. Aspirants may assist the immigration organization to process their petitions more rapidly, by presenting every document in a suitable & inclusive way, and keeping the DIBP suitably informed of any modifications in situations, including change, if any, of contact particulars.

Meanwhile, the processing periods for the popular Significant Investor Permit–which, reportedly, has a waiting time of 9 months–are to be shortened. According to the current Minister for immigration and citizenship, he favors the submissions to be accordingly fast tracked.

The visa in question was introduced during the month of November, the last year, to create incentives to well-heeled persons to make investments in Australia. To make the cut for the permit, the aspirant ought to possess not less than AU$5 million, for investment objects. At the present, 400 petitions are pending.

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