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Use Fast Track Routes for Quickly Obtaining PR in US!

Among the many top immigration destinations across the globe, the US occupies a very important position. Actually, the nation could arguably be called the topmost immigration hotspot in the world even as it is preferred by a large number of immigrants for one or the other reason.

Perhaps, it is due to the fact that the nation is presently the lone superpower in the world with an economy that has no parallels anywhere. Whatever could be the reason/s, one thing is certain: the US is an immigration destination par excellence for millions of people.

US Green Card

Gaining a Green Card in the US–and through it permanent residence in the country–is not an easy task; in fact, it’s one of the most difficult and tough things in life. No wonder, those who managed to make the cut, feel rather blessed. Many aspirants like to know how to do the same–that too in the shortest possible period, and why not? Who wishes to painfully wait for long?

Wait time for Green Card

Many persons have been cooling their heels for 10 years or even more than this to become the proud permanent residents in the great foreign country. And unless they manage to get hold of the privileged position in the US, they cannot make the progress to the second stage—that too citizenship. Though a Green Card is a standing that enables the holders to stay in the country as permanent residents, there are several cases wherein some individuals have managed to gain the cards as early as two weeks.

Issues Influencing Processing Period

When applied, via a general class, the procedure could get very lengthy even as the aspirant could have to cool his heels for as many as 15 years. But, in case the candidate files a petition, via preference category, the course of action becomes swifter than expected. Through the system, one obtains a specific figure for the petition presented, and so the submission is given a priority over others. This figure is called Immigrant Visa number. The concerned visa & immigration officers treat such submissions separately, and give them extraordinary preference.

Concept of Immigrant Permit Class

The immigrant permit number is given to a certain figure of petitions and not to everybody. A definite set-up is assigned to the submissions which may be effortlessly comprehended by the candidates. There are two major classes to number the submissions, namely, Employment Based preferences, & Family Sponsored Preferences.

Employment Based Preference Class

In the given case, normally preference is given to an overseas person who is involved with an US recruiter. The same is carried-out to guarantee that he lives in the country on a permanent basis, and not on an impermanent basis. With a view to gain favor from the immigration body, the aspirants ought to be in a position to present a chain of papers/documents—from both them and their recruiters/firms.

Family Sponsored Preference Class

Under the said class, mates, kids less than 21, besides parents of the US citizens, are preferred. Since they happen to be the immediate family members of the US citizens, the immigration body respects their requirement of being with their family members. To enable the family members live jointly, their petitions are given a fast-track handling.

Gaining the prized and the much sought after permanent resident status is a dream of nearly every immigrant who lands on the soils of the US. For many the wait time of gaining a Green Card may be a real test of persistence & endurance as one could have to cool his heels for several years to become a permanent resident.

But, as mentioned before, there exists a condition of obtaining the petition duly processed faster than it usually is. A family member–who is a close family member of a citizen of the US, or someone who is hired by a US recruiter–would positively gain both exceptional treatment & preference.

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