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Want Wedding Based Green Card Permit? Be Equipped for Interrogating Interview!

There is no dearth of people who wish to gain a marriage based US Green Card Permit, and why not? Permanent residence status in the US–via the Green Card Visa–is a great privilege even as the holder of the Green Card gets to enjoy almost parallel benefits that greet a US citizen.

But as it is too well known, gaining a Green Card is not an easy affair even when one is filing a petition for the same using the widely used marriage route with a US citizen. Good preparations beyond money & papers need to be duly made to sail through it productively.

The last and the final stage of interview could especially be very tricky for the aspirants. Given this, they need to be fully prepared with the needed facts & details. The concerned US immigration authorities wish to make certain while giving a green signal to the candidate in view of the very alarming figure of fake weddings which are carried-out just to get hold of a US Green Card.

The applicant requires being aware of some crucial aspects given here under for successfully concluding their interview with the US immigration executives:

Have the answers for questions involving his own, his mate’s identity: The authorities will ask every probable feature about the aspirant & his partner. It is done to ensure that the candidate knows his spouse pretty well. They could ask questions about certain personal care goods such as shampoo, toothpaste, the model of watch she uses and several such things which could not appear vital otherwise.

Be ready for a difficult query: Seldom may a simple & straight question be asked. Though the officials may not ask the exact earnings of the applicant’s mate, they will put in a complicated way. For instance, they will ask him what would be one-fourth of his partner’s wages. They purely wish to check in case the applicant is detailed about his mate’s private & professional lives.

Family particulars: In place of asking the name of one’s partner’s father, the officials could ask about his skin color or even his dietary habits. The same is again to verify if the candidate is familiar with his relatives.

Wedding ceremony day details: The officials could ask him about the number of people who may have there with him and his spouse on the marriage day. The aspirant could even be asked a question on the kind of clothes his mate was wearing on that day. The authorities could talk about the menu as well and enquire if the guests were served coffee after lunch.

Routine goings-on: The authorities may also question on the ordinary activities the aspirant and his mate are into. The same may be something about getting ready lunch, getting the children ready for morning walks, and numerous such features which could not appear to be very vital to remember.

Recollections of the earlier period: The officials could also show the candidate a snap of both him and his partner, and could ask what he did in the evening the day you took it. This is yet again somewhat hard to commit to memorize.

The immigration representatives could cover any of these regions, and may not cover any of these by asking something completely unexpected. The candidates just require being true and memorizing every likely detail about his family which not only covers his better half but the kids, and even his partner’s parents as well. There would be several things he could not be ready enough to answer. But he requires managing the state-of-affairs neatly, and not exhibiting his nervousness which might unnecessarily arouse suspicions, and eventually deny him a Green Card.

Summing-up, those–who wish to gain the prized US Green Card, through the marriage path, and who are about to face an interview–should have all important and non-important details involving their marriage, their spouse’s family, etc., at their fingertips.

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