Australia–World’s Most Favorite Immigration Destination

Since long the enterprising people all over the world have loved to be on the move, for a variety of reasons. While many have been moving in search of a better life, others have been shifting to do a better job and earn more income. But then these are not the sole reasons behind the concept of global immigration.

Several persons have been on migrating for medical or health reasons also. There have been many others who have been doing so to get a better education and do research at some of the finest educational and research institutes.

Talking of these facilities and draws, there are several destinations that offer amazing healthcare services, educational facilities, and employment opportunities. Actually, the world boasts of several top immigration hotspots, such as the US, Canada, and Australia, etc., which draw the visitors from far and wide in hordes, round the year.

All of these places are globally renowned for proffering superb facilities and opportunities to those who settle there in. However, it is Down Under which have mesmerized the world like no other destination. No wonder, it has emerged as the world’s most favorite immigration hotspot beating most of its competitors.

Adding to the appeal of the overseas hotspot has been its easy-to-understand visa and immigration policies and a pro-migrant attitude of the government and the nationals. Frankly speaking, it’s not a rocket science to understand and follow the various immigration & visa rules as laid down by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

An aspirant–with the help of a professional (of course, if he wants to take their help)–can easily and effortlessly submit his petition for overseas movement if he has what it takes to do well in the overseas hotspot, and is not a threat to the nation in any manner. If he is a qualified worker and involved with a profession in demand in the country, his chances of making the cut will improve dramatically.

Even if does not have the necessary skills, he can still sail through and find acceptance if gets nomination from a local recruiter who is ready to sponsor him. If a candidate has the necessary funds and can launch a business in the country he can also hope to get approval for overseas movement to the overseas hotspot. His business proposal must convince the concerned authorities though.

This takes us to the title at hand, Australia–World’s Most Favorite Immigration Destination. The nation is multi-cultural teeming with the nationalities of almost every nation in the world.  In Oz, one can easily find the Pakistanis rubbing shoulders with Palestinians and Indians with Icelanders. You will easily find Hindi-speaking people in the country. Similarly, a Mandarin speaking Chinese migrant will easily find people from his home region speaking the language in Down Under.

One may be a migrant in the country but the nation and its people will not make him feel so. The nationals, by and large, have a cosmopolitan outlook even while they accept foreigners with open arms. They are so much used to the foreigners living and working with them that they hardly notice that the person with whom they could be sharing their table with in a restaurant is a foreigner, or the doctor dispensing medicine in the neighborhood clinic is not an Australian by birth.

It is this key feature of the country and its people that mainly make the nation a global giant in the domain of immigration and people shift to it with a great passion.

Some people may claim that Oz is not a tolerant society and there have been several cases of racial violence and prejudice in the past. But on closer analysis, one will learn that on the contrary, Australia has always been one of the most tolerant global destinations even while there have hardly been any major such cases across the country since long.

Several years back, there were some sporadic cases of unrest against the students from overseas in the country, no doubts, but the government–keen to stub out the problem and punish the anti-social elements in the Australian society–immediately took strong action against those responsible. Since then, there has hardly been any such case.

Summing up, Australia is the world’s most favorite immigration destination, and it’s way ahead of its rivals–such as the US and Canada–in drawing and retaining visitors to its territories.  Several factors make the destination red hot.

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  1. No doubt, Australia is a top destination, but it’s not the world’s most favorite immigration destination. The honor goes to Canada.

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