“Australia Unlimited”- Australian Tourism’s New Slogan!

In an attempt to give a new image to the Australian tourism market, the nation will unveil its new slogan “Australia Unlimited”. The slogan is a part of the federal government’s urge to give a new identity to Australia as a brand. Recently, the government has launched a new tourism advertisement as well, named “There’s Nothing Like Australia.

Simon Crean, the Trade Minister for Australia asked the country’s marketing agencies in August, last year to turn up with a catchphrase, or maybe a logo that can represent Australia and be able to endorse it on international level. He urged the agencies that the catchphrase should be able to capture the liveliness of contemporary Australia that could also be used to promote country’s trade, investment and education.

So, the search for the new slogan all started in 2009 and recently the government has decided to unveil it very soon. The slogan has already been launched domestically. Now the Trade Minister will uncover the same internationally at the Shanghai World Expo, this month.

Reportedly, “Australia Unlimited” has outdone two other slogans, viz. “Positively Australian and “A+” in a survey which interviewed 14,000 people across fourteen countries. The slogan has been appreciated by many who think that the new phrase gives an idea about the country as a fresh and unconventional place to visit, while some others criticized the idea as too business-like.

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