Australian Immigrants Visa 461

Introduced on February 26, 2001, the main aim of introducing Australian Immigrants Visa 461 is to highlight the temporary residence program. The sub class 461 is meant to cater the desire of New Zealand citizens who were imposed a ban by Australia on the mentioned date. According to the new restriction New Zealand citizens are allowed to live, study and work in Australia, but not authorized to avail a number of benefits.

The Australia Immigrants Visa 461 is issued to those who are dependent or spouse of New Zealand citizens. Having validity period of five years, the subclass 461 is certainly the most important visa that comes with a great privilege of full work right.

After completion of full validity, the visa holders are allowed to renew their visa even not sharing the living space with New Zealand citizen. Taken as a great option for those who seek temporary stay in Australia, the Australia Immigrants Visa 461 is certainly a pathway to enter in Australian region and reside there.

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