What Australian Immigration Investor Visa Classes Are Available?

Australian Immigration Investor Visa

Are you thinking of expanding your business in Australia? If you intend to do so, then you must be requiring Australian Immigration Investor Visa to be in the nation, and set up your own business and conduct that successfully. Let us see certain facts about this nature of visa!

Australian Immigration Investor Visa
Australian Immigration Investor Visa

What Powers You Get

If we see what we can do having this visa then we will be astonished to see the things that you can do.

  1. You can have and successfully manage any business that you want in Australia.
  2. You can invest in any nature that you want so that you can properly run a business in the nation.
  3. You can also undertake any activity which is entrepreneurial in nature in the country.

Australian Immigration Investor Visa Streams

There are various categories or streams of this nature of visa which you can have. There are five classes by which you can have this visa.

  1. Business Innovation Stream: It’s suitable for those who have the skill to set up and administer any new business in the country. If you want to apply, then you should be nominated by state authority.
  2. Investor Stream: It’s helpful for those who want to invest at least 1.5 million Australian dollars in the nation and run a business there in. For this also you need to be nominated by state authority.
  3. Significant Investor Stream: It is the same as the above but the amount of investment should be 5 million Australian Dollars.
  4. Premium Investor Stream: Everything is similar to the above type but the investment must be at least 15 million Australian Dollars.
  5. Entrepreneur Stream: If you have a funding from a third party amounting to 2 lakh Australian Dollars, to take up any business in the country, then you can apply for this.

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