Australian Minister Favors Fueling Immigration

In a development which is likely to gladden the hearts of the prospective immigrants to Australia, a senior member of the government of the nation has re-fanned the debate called ‘big Australia’ even while he has urged for an increase in the rate of overall migration to boost the economic growth of the country.

The minister in question released a paper on economic position related to organizing the economy of the nation for what he referred to as “the Asian century”. The paper urged for a swell in targeted immigration to the nation with a view to killing the danger to exports presented by the scarcity of labor and skills.

In this connection, a concerned person was quoted as saying that the shining prospects of the country in the Asian century required increased levels of both permanent and temporary immigration – the reason being scarcity of skills and general labor strangle the ability of the nation to not only boost exports but domestic economy also. He added that in case the 2020 goals of the country were to be achieved, an objective and impartial discussion on the levels of immigration needed to take place.

These observations suggest the backing of the Minister for the plan of ‘big Australia’ espoused by one ex Prime Minister of the country. These also show a significant departure from the present PM’s avowed stand of backing a self-reliant and self-dependent country, in place of a big Australia that progresses on immigrants’ labor and skills.

It needs to be mentioned that the views of the person are not against the declared official policy of the government – the reason being a swell in immigration has already been pre-determined in the federal budget of the current year.

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