Canada Immigration Visa Extension

The naturally well adorable country Canada is famously known as the best enjoying place and provides lots of opportunities for making fun and enjoyment. Once you start living in geographically well decorated country, passes from Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean, it will not be easy for you to leave the place and go back at your native place.

The Canada Immigration Visa Extension program has been introduced with same purpose to cater needs of those who want to relive with the natural beauty of the country even after the expiration of their visa. Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows you to do so by considering your plea for visa extension.

The extension of temporary stay in Canada and processing of application, are made by the CIC Vegreville – offers full right to a foreigner to reside in the country to execute their plan of visa extension and engage themselves with interesting life of Canada. Whether you entered into the country as a visitor or immigrants, the great benefits of Canada Immigration Visa Extension is meant to be availed by all.

According to CIC’s rule, an individual seeking for visa extension – must apply before 30 days of expiration of visa. Visiting ABHINAV site ends up with a complete overview of Canadian Visa Extension rules and various others related to this. You can access the site for gathering information regarding requirements that are needed for visa extension and processing time – depends exactly on your purpose of visit, for instance, visitor visa takes 111 days to complete, work permits takes 108 days and study permit takes 60 days.

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