Canada or US–Which Is the Best Immigration Destination?

Canada and the US are both close neighbours and tough competitors and both these countries have different immigration policies and scheme to facilitate the movement. On one hand, when one talks about Canada, the immigration programmes are highly flexible and generally takes not more than 6 months time. But the immigration programme of the US is tough, and after the 9/11 incident, it has become a tough ball game to move to the country.

In this piece, let’s discuss about Canada immigration vs. US immigration and bring out all the comparison which could help the immigrants to make a better choice against the immigration.

Top 3 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

Safety and Security

This is the ultimate goal for any individual and it is always good to live in a safe environment. When you have the right amount of safety and security, one can easily get things going for them. In terms of security, the less usage of firearms by minors put Canada on a far safer zone.

As per the report of the United Nations (UN), there are only .5% out of 1, 00,000 Canadians who possess a firearm at minor age. The numbers are marginal and individuals can easily be managed and apprehended by the police.

Whereas it is illegal at the same time to possess unauthorized arms and ammunition and if one wants to get authorized weapons, it will take 45 days on an average. It’s considerable, if one reckons the busy life of individuals. So, Canada is safe for individuals!

Socially Progressive

The Maple Leaf Country is highly progressive in nature, and from the societal point of view it has acquired more number of brownie points. Same sex marriage is legalized in the nation.

At the same time, Canada has shown utmost humanity level by giving shelter to 25,000 refugees from Syria.  Such stands by a country definitely justify that they are kind towards immigrants.


The healthcare in the country has been optimized in the best way, and it hardly puts any burden on the Canadian citizens, thereby, it will not surprise folks to know that Canada has better life expectancy. In all respects, the patients can get immediate treatment and get rid of all their hassles and have a better life. Such advantages have made the nation a hot favorite for meeting with the immigration pursuits.

Top 3 Reasons to Immigrate to the US

When people are looking for migration, the first and foremost thing which they watch out for is better opportunities. Take a look at the opportunities which one can get in US!


It is one of the most promising aspects which have driven the immigrants from other nations. The unemployment level is only 5% of the total population and innovation and technological developments have opened up newer realms in the immigration domain. So, one can definitely look forward to a better opportunity landing in the nation.


The concern which most of the immigrants have when they wish to shift to another country is with respect to the education. For most of the immigrants, they are not just focused on the short term benefits; rather, they want long term goals to be fulfilled. In the long term goal, there is an important spot occupied by education. Every immigrant is looking forward to provide better opportunities to their children, and prestigious universities and course curriculum in the US have definitely helped dramatically turn the prospects.


America has good policies to safeguard and help prosper the individuals who are torn my internal conflicts in their own country. So, those countries which are going through war or any disharmony, the individuals of those countries can get asylum and refuge in the US. The nation has acted as a global policeman, and it rightfully protected the people of different countries–be it in Ukraine, Iraq or Syria. The approach of the US has definitely made it the global leader and the change which the world wants to see.

So, as an immigrant, Canada Immigration vs. US Immigration shouldn’t bother you anymore, just go through the piece and figure out for yourself which is the best country for you.

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