Canada PR card – Photo Specifications

As with every visa and immigration program, there are certain criteria that need to be met. These include submission of the applicant’s photograph along with other mandatory specifications. Recently, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada has decided to revamp the Canada PR Card design. This mainly includes the security aspects on the card.

Canada PR Card

The new Canada PR Card is intended to have a bigger unified photograph of the resident. This would also include a higher resolution of the same photograph as opposed to the earlier one. To achieve this specification, certain changes have to be made in the original photograph that is being submitted by the applicant.

The new specifications for the Canada PR Card include the facial size in the photograph (crown to chin) should be between 25 mm to 30 mm (1 inch to 1.181 inches). Previously, it was between 25 mm to 35 mm (1 inch to 1.375 inches). Relevant changes with respect to this amendment are also being made. These include the necessary alterations in the photo specifications segment of the application kit for Canada PR Card. The online based APR kit is also being updated. The new application kits will soon be available for the applicants to follow the right guidelines.

To ensure that the change takes place effectively, a transitional period has been set forth for the new Canada PR Card. During these timelines, no new photographs have to be taken which meet the old criterion and have already been submitted. Also, the needful steps have been taken at the Sydney’s Case Processing Centre (regarding the printing of the new cards). The Canada PR card program is doing the monetary needful for the Canadian Border Services Agency ports and the CIC to carry out the needful.

During such times of change, it is best to contact an immigration specialist who would be updated with all the latest with the Canadian Permanent Resident visa.

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