Canberra to Host Job Carnival in US for Trained Workers

According to certain available reports, Immigration Australia has declared that the concerned organizers of the country have met their US goal meant for the enrollment of the participants at the job carnival in Houston, Texas, the US. The Australian Skilled Migrants job fair was established for the American workers from the fields of oil, gas, construction and mining. This was done to enable them to come across job-providers from Australia from nearly 20 key resources firms, in addition to the immigration officials of Down Under.

Meanwhile, an involved person from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship, Australia was quoted as saying that many qualified workers from across Texas and the nearby surrounding southern states have forwarded the information sought even as many of them have even received an invitation from the department to take part in the job carnival. He added that online expressions of interest had been discontinued with as it had already touched the 3000-mark and as each meeting was being restricted to make certain that the candidates and the recruiters had valuable time together.

He continued that at the opening of each session there will be a short summary from immigration officials involving visa requirements. Afterwards, invitations would be sent to those participating even as they would be invited to turn-up at the booths of the state government and business representatives. He further said that quantity surveyors, engineers, electricians, welders, mechanics, and carpenters, among others, are on the radar of Immigration Australia.

While we are on the subject, it needs to be mentioned that come July 1, 2012–and via the Skill Select program of the country–and prior to submitting their applications–all aspirants will have to put forward an Expression of Interest (EOI). This though would not see many people eventually making the cut for trained immigration even as the processing period for the purpose would become much longer.

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