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Australian Medicare Who Are Qualified & How to Register for It?

Australian Medicare is HUGE facility given to the citizens and permanent residents of the country. It gives them a health insurance and saves them from the exorbitant hospital and healthcare bills, as under the system these are highly subsidized by the government. No wonder, the Australian Medicare is a cherished facility and one of the […]

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Want to Know Which Are Best Countries for Indians, For Work Purposes?

Indians have a rather rich history of moving to overseas destinations. By and large, they are adventurous and in the hope of better employment opportunities and bright career prospects a large number of them, from this part of the world, have migrated to various countries. In the hope of better livelihood opportunities, the tradition to […]

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The Basics/ Living in Armenia/ Opportunities/ Doing business/ Steps to Migrate

Migrate to Armenia Armenia, a republic, is fundamentally a democracy. This unitary and multi-party country with a very old cultural legacy is, by and large, mountainous and picturesquely located in the South Caucasus area of Eurasia. Dotted with dead volcanoes and jagged and rock-strewn mountains, Armenia’s highest point is Mount Aragats, which is 4,095 meters […]

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