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Down Under Registers Historic Permanent Long Term Arrivals

The ‘Land of Endless Opportunities’, well you guessed it right, Australia, continues to witness a remarkable raise in long term overseas movement with a 55% augmentation in arrivals noted between January 2011 and August 2013. The data–proffered by the well-known and reputed Australian organization–clearly shows that in the year to August this year, there were […]

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Australia General Skilled Migration Scheme Permits: A Comprehensive Look

A large number of people from across the world immigrate to Australia, via its popular General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program. It’s basically meant for those who lack employer/recruiter sponsorship even as they possess specific skill sets needed in the country. Australia GSM Requirements The aspirants should: Furnish proof of fresh trained employment in a trained […]

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Fact Sheets about Overseas Workers’ Rights in Australia Made Public

In a major development, the fact sheets carrying the rights & protection of the overseas workers–such as global students, alien workers, and permit holders–at their places of work in Australia have reportedly been made public. The documents describe the workers from abroad as persons who do not enjoy either citizenship rights or permanent residency rights […]

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