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Australian Immigration Minister Peddles ‘Rapid Increase’ in Refuge Seeker Transfers

The in-office Australian immigration minister has reportedly declared that 100s of refuge seekers–who had landed in the country, via water vessels since the federal election–have been rapidly moved to offshore processing centers. Over the last 2 weeks, 523 persons have allegedly turned-up, via vessels to claim refuge in the Kangaroo Land. Scott Morrison, the minister, […]

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What’s Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL)?

Many people, interested in Australia immigration, wish to know about Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL), for obvious reasons. Well, it is a list of qualified vocations even as it transports high value expertise required by the country’s economy. It just pertains to independent, non-recruiter sponsored or state/territory administration nominated trained overseas movement. Further, it’s a […]

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