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Courses Offered by Australia

Australia is arrayed with various study options and the courses offered by Australia are high in demand. The cost factor is not that high, yet the students are geared with various options of choosing from a multiple range of subjects such as Business, Administration, Economics, English language, Vocational courses, Science, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and […]

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Salaries in Australia

Australia is, no doubt, one of the most decent places to live, work and study and people earn handsome salaries in Australia. The place is decked with perfect settings for people to come and reside in a serene atmosphere. In one of the latest (July 2009) news, “Australian employers added 32,200 workers, opposing expectations about […]

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Australia Visa Application Fee Hiked

With the new Australian budget in place, many changes have come forth. This mainly includes the hike in the Australia Visa application fee for the visa processing. It clearly shows the demand for Australia as an immigration destination. The procedure includes the evaluation of the Australia visa application fee before the release of new Budget. […]

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