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Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Programme It’s Faster & Better!

The Canadian province of Quebec runs its own immigration programme that’s different from the ones managed and offered by the federal and the various Canadian provincial governments.  The Quebec Immigration Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) offered by the province is not only faster but also better in many ways. Quebec immigration is not a comparatively complex […]

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Choose Quebec for Canada Immigration Visa Requirements Not Very Difficult To Fulfill

Canadian province of Quebec presently wants skilled Head Nurses and Supervisors (3151), Registered Nurses (3152), Medical Radiation Technologists (3215), Software Engineers and Designers (2173), Civil Engineer (2131), Civil Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2231), and Mechanical Engineering Technologists and Technicians (2232) and that’s official. These professions find mention in the latest Quebec High Demand Occupation List. […]

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With an Eye on October Polls Québec Political Parties Make Tall Promises for Migrants

Elections are round the corner in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is scheduled to be held in the first week of October this year, and, so all key parties, running their affairs in the region, are busy wooing the people including the would-be migrants. Tall promises are reportedly being made by one and all. […]

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Quebec’s Political Groups Have Different Stands on Immigration

Much like the other regions of the developed world and Canada particularly the Canadian Province of Quebec is, presently, battling a serious shortage of skilled workers, and resultantly, a large number of employment openings continue to remain unfilled in the province. To tide over the situation, and do something productive about it, recently the three […]

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