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A Skilled Migrant’s need for a Good Resume!

Thinking of Immigration? Have you thought on how to land a good Canadian job after your visa application has been accepted? Here is one secret that we are opening out for you – draft a good “good resume”! How many of you reading this article have actually given a thought of using your resume as […]

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Northwest Territories Nominee Program

In an attempt to attract new immigrants to the Northwest Territories (http://www.gov.nt.ca/) , Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney recently announced the signing of the first ever nominee agreement with the Northwest Territories called the Northwest Territories Nominee Program. The Northwest Territories Nominee Program (NTNP) would further attract the immigrants and hence help in empowering the […]

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Australia Visa Application Fee Hiked

With the new Australian budget in place, many changes have come forth. This mainly includes the hike in the Australia Visa application fee for the visa processing. It clearly shows the demand for Australia as an immigration destination. The procedure includes the evaluation of the Australia visa application fee before the release of new Budget. […]

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Skilled Professionals – Canada’s Need of the Hour

In spite of the economy fallout, Canadian employers are still on the look out for skilled professionals from other countries. Accountancy, being one of the 38 important occupations holds key for the skilled migrants. Other occupations include financial managers, computer and information systems manager and so on. Chartered Accountants from all over the world are […]

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A Step towards Rectifying US Detention Policy

United States Detention Policy In a step towards mending the US Detention Policy, President Barack Obama administration has planned to place 23 Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials at the largest detention facilities. According to ‘The New York Times,’ this step is initiated to inspect the management of these detention centers. The initial aspects of this […]

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