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Are New Delhi EB-5 Immigration Consultants Good Enough?

The number of the reasonably good EB-5 immigration consultants in Delhi can actually be counted on fingers. Delhi has both individual and the corporate companies involved in the business of converting the Immigration dreams of aspirants into reality. If you really choose to file an application under the Employment based Visa that needs a phenomenal […]

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What EB-5 Designated Regional Centers Do?

Many people seek to set up EB-5 projects within a geographical area, so they submit a Regional Centre application, and if approved, they can do so according to the investment structure and industries described in their application. An area designated by the USCIS, as eligible to accept immigrant investor capital, is referred to as “Designated […]

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What EB 5 Approved Regional Centers Do?

EB 5 Approved Regional Centers (RC) are economic units public or private, which have been approved by the Government of the US as defined in the Investors Visa Program, under the Immigration Act 1990. These centers form an inseparable part of the Immigrant Investor Pilot Project and have helped this project to achieve a fair […]

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What Documents To Submit With EB-5 Application Forms!

The United States created the USCIS Immigrant Investor Program, commonly known as the EB-5 Visa, which means employment based immigration fifth preference. It is basically a visa program for immigrant investors who are desirous to invest in the US. It was implemented during 1990 under the Immigration Program Act. It provides the immigrants Permanent Residency […]

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