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The Long & Short of EB-5 Projects

Several EB-5 approved projects are spread all over the United States under the Employment based Visa scheme. These aim to bring back cutting-edge to the economy and bring-in fresh entrepreneurial skills, as well as the investments. Most of the programs are based in the economically backward areas. But there are still some projects being run […]

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A Detailed Look at US Immigration

Immigration has created and developed America to what it is today. Even today, United States accepts more legal immigrants as permanent residents than rest of the world out together, although, post 9/11, the there have been more and more amendments incorporated into the US immigration policy to make the laws more stringent. Visa applications are […]

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All you require to know about EB-5 Visas

US immigration norms have become very stringent post 9/11 era, putting a stop to an endless flow of immigration aspirants from all over the world. Today getting into that country is legally almost impossible and if countered with the illegal means can have serious repercussions. EB5 fifth employment based visa program is an ambitious initiative. […]

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Obtaining Permanent Residence Visa Takes Less Time than Green Card

According to the reports by a US policy research group, an Indian citizen with higher skills sponsored now for the skilled employment visa could wait for 70 years to obtain a Green card. The National Foundation for American Policy concluded that by exempting students from overseas nations with a higher degree in science, engineering, technology […]

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