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IELTS Online: Paving the Path for more than 150,000 Global Users!

Looking to settle or study in abroad? There are many ways to go about bridging this gap between you and, your dreams. But, the most basic hurdle you must overcome is to give your IELTS also better known as International English Language Testing System regarded as the World’s most popular and widely recognized English Language […]

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Visa free Access of Taiwan to EU Helpful

Reports suggest that the President of Taiwan has said that since the nation received visa-free access to the European Union (EU), during the month of January 2011, the relations between the two have improved even while this development is likely to inspire increased Taiwanese investment in the continent. Since the East Asian nation received entry […]

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UK Starts Onslaught on Unlawful Immigration

In a key development, which may not go down well with the affected migrants, the Prime Minister of Great Britain has disclosed a chain of sweeping reforms to control and stop unauthorized immigration and scam related to visas. David Cameron was quoted as saying that from now onwards immigrants, applying for visas to stay in […]

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Criteria for the Occupation of Agricultural Scientist in Australia!

As the name suggests, the job of an agricultural scientist requires several duties to perform related to various agricultural needs, like: giving advices to those invovled with farming, rural industries, besides also to the government on farming, developing techniques for rising productivity, and studying plans and policies for improving forest management. Similar to other skilled […]

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Apply for the Occupation of an Architect in Australia!

To apply for Australia immigration as a skilled occupant under the General Skilled Migration categories, at first you have to fulfill certain very basic requirements. You have to nominate an occupation that suits your educational qualifications and skills, from the list of skilled occupations. Ones also requires to have his academic qualifications evaluated by the […]

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