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Changes in the UK Work Visa Route!

As part of the soon-to-be-effective UK annual immigration cap, the British coalition government made the announcement of a few fundamental changes it has brought into work visa scheme, which is popularly availed by overseas skilled workers. As decided by the government, from April 6 onwards the country would grant a total of 20,700 work visas […]

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UK Ends Consultation on Student Immigration, It’s Time to Witness the Implementations!

Probably in the coming days applying for a UK student visa and obtaining one would become harder for international students. Since the British government has recently closed a consultation that had been carried out concerning stricter student immigration rules, the only thing we can expect is to have some not-so-pleasant surprises for non-European Union student […]

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UK Welcomes More New Zealanders

William Hague, British Foreign Secretary is all optimistic about having more Kiwis in his country as new immigrants. He is seeing the inflow of more number of people from New Zealand coming to the UK in the coming future and gain an overseas experience. In addition, he didn’t see any chances of these numbers being […]

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