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UK Study Visa – Important Aspects

The colonial land offers immense opportunities for an international student to study. The country is known for its educational institutions and degrees. Currently, UK offers around 50,000 postgraduate and research opportunities paving way for a brilliant career ahead for many students. Student visas in the UK are normally granted for a year or so in […]

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Britain Rules are Tightened!

Speculation are being made that the new UK Immigration rules are doing more harm rather than any justice to the legal migrants. As a part of this change, the government is planning to constrict the rules for legal migrants, especially the ones from the Indian origin. The policy involves banning wives who join their husbands, […]

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Jobseeker’s Allowance in the UK

During your struggling phase of life, you are not left alone! A Glimpse… Are you unemployed? Failing to find out ways to manage a stable source of income? Don’t worry! The UK has got something to offer to everyone. Even if you are jobless, the country provides a Jobseeker’s Allowance, also known as THE DOLE, […]

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