Cost of Living in Calgary

Calgary is regarded as one of the cheapest considering the cost of living in Calgary, yet a comfortable place to live, study and work, when compared with other major cities of Canada. The critical aspect is that, with the drop in the expenses, the quality of life has not been sacrificed at all.

Cost of Living in Calgary

Apart from being a stupendous city to live in, the place is decked with some of the enormous sightseeing options for all its habitants. Aero Space Museum, Bow Valley Ranch, Calgary Chinese Cultural, Canada Olympic Park and Calgary Zoo are some of the places that are a must watch for every person visiting Calgary.

An Overview on Accommodation

The main reason for a modest cost of living in Calgary is the weakening rate of Canadian dollar that has labeled the place as one of the cheapest to live in. The housing rates are much cheaper as compared to other major cities. For instance, one can easily buy a Standard Two-Storey at a cost price of somewhere between $390,700 and $400,000. Similarly, a Townhouse can range $301,600 and can go up to $330,000 (based on a 25% down payment and a 25-year mortgage loan at a 5-year fixed rate, which is exclusive of maintenance fees)

Students can get various options as far as their accommodation is concerned. Apart from the Campus Residence, students can opt for the “Temporary Accommodation” that may range somewhere between $1,089.00 and $1,200.00 per month for a two-bedroom apartment.

Distribution of Annual Basic Expenses (Per Household)

  • Food: $7,815 – $7,900
  • Shelter: $16,391 – $16,491
  • Household Operation: $3,807 – $3,900
  • Transportation: $13,458 – $13,600
  • Personal Taxes: $25,800 – $26,800


Calgary Transit is a critical resource for people belonging to middle-class, students and elders in a major way. The transportation network besets a wide range of road, rail, air and pedestrian facilities and serves as a huge contentment for all the Calgarians out there.

The “C-Train” or Light Rail Transit (LRT) system serves a huge benefit for students as it has a University station on the east side of campus. In addition, students find a great comfort in traveling, with the presence of various bus stops that are located at the main entrances of various campuses.

Other Expenses

Always save some amount of money for unexpected expenses on a daily basis. Some of these expenses may include entertainment costs, dental and medical bills, insurance, investments such as IPO’s, shares and debentures and so on.

All in all, Calgary is one of the favorite places to stay and spend time with your loved ones. Hire the services of an adept immigration consultancy firm to know more about the immigration process and get ready to experience the feeling of “AWE”!

3 thoughts on “Cost of Living in Calgary

  1. Dear sir/ madam,

    I have applied for Canadian immigration in skilled worker’s class from Pakistan and my case has been recommended to the visa office Pakistan. I want to settle down in Calgary but and have done some internet research about cost of living in Calgary. Some of these sites say that it is cheap to live in calgary while other present the opposite scenario. PLease guide me whether i should plan to live in Calgary or think about another smaller city. By profession I am a teacher’s trainer and my husband is related to the tourism industry and works in Dubai

  2. Calgary is a rather expensive city to live in, and top 3 or so expensive in the country. I have just moved to Calgary, and done some online research. That said, if you don’t have children you can easily survive in Calgary.

  3. Dear Sir,
    i am being offered a job in calgary at the 7200 USD per month + free housing, will that be ok to take care of all the things if i bring my wife and 15 year old son from india
    please advise, the Job is from Aecon Construction Company

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