Denmark Migration Point System

Immigration itself is the best idea to enter in the region of other countries, allows the individual to find a new way to discover the great path of success and offer their active participation in the development of the country and enjoy the most desired opportunity of a permanent residence and the right of permanent citizen.  Describing Denmark as an immigration place is certainly not an easy task, as it requires lots of things to be explained and various opportunities that are enjoyed by the immigrants. Indeed, we are talking about business opportunity in Denmark that makes it a flamboyant destination for businessmen and investors, get appropriate atmosphere and resources to start their own business in the country. The interested individual needs to know everything regarding Denmark Migration Point System as they have to score in order to get immigration visa.

Home to a large number of industries, Denmark is also accessed by the skilled professionals in search of better job opportunity in various renowned companies with good salary package. Identified as a fast growing country, the constitutional monarchy of Denmark is widely known for having highest per capita income and of course high standard of living styles, attracts opportunity-seekers across the world. People who are desperate to immigrate to Denmark need to have depth information about Denmark Migration Point System to score highest points. Moreover, the applicants who are interested for Denmark green card need to score at least 100 points to qualify for permanent visa. Besides, points are awarded to the applicants on following mentioned criteria.

1)      The applicants can score 60 points for master degree, 50 points for Bachelor degree and one year master course

2)      The applicants can score 20 points for language proficiency

3)      The applicants can score only 5 points, if they have 3-5 years of work experience, but their occupation is not listed in the list of Denmark occupation list

4)      The applicants can score 10 points, if their age fall under 35-40 years

5)      The applicants can score 15 points, if having age of 35 or below

The applicants can score 10 points for getting place Danish Positive list.

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