Globe’s Coldest Country Sizzling Hot for Indians

The common overseas immigration inspired Indians’ fascination for Canada–also known as the Maple Leaf Country–seems to be remarkably heading north with the passage of time, the emergence of many so-called attractive new foreign destinations notwithstanding.

Even though Canada could be said to be globe’s coldest nation, for the past couple of years, it has also reportedly proved to be a very hot overseas country for majority of the Indian visitors. These people–in spite of the widely reported and much feared global economic slump, besides the rapidly declining value of the Indian rupee—still seem to have a rather soft corner for the country.

Actually, the number of Indian outbound visitors to Canada has kept swelling, in the process, contributing handsomely to the Maple Leaf Country’s national economy. An increase of 7.1% has been noted with more than 18,129 Indian arrivals to the foreign nation in August 2013, vis-à-vis the same month in 2012.

As per reports, Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia (BC), & Alberta are the most visited regions in Canada by the Indian visitors. As if taking a cue, the concerned Canadian body has reportedly decided to cover the big Indian cities of Chennai, Kolkata, in addition to Hyderabad to draw even more travelers from this part of the world. In this connection, the concerned authorities from the said organization would possibly make a trip to India the next month to promote the destination as perfect immigration hotspot for every age bracket people – from kids & youngsters to the aged.

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