Learn How to Immigrate to Australia!

Immigrate to Australia

How to immigrate to Australia is the major question that troubles a large number of the prospective immigrants. While many other top countries these days have nearly closed their doors for the foreign workers, Oz continues to entertain those with skills and qualifications. No wonder, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) continues to receive the maximum number of petitions.

Immigrate to Australia
Immigrate to Australia

How to immigrate to Australia

Let’s come back to the main topic and give you some quick tips on how you can immigrate to your favorite immigration destination!

Point Based Australia Immigration System

Oz has one of the most organized point based systems in the world. Many nations follow the similar module. If you are a skilled worker and plan to immigrate to the country, you must fully understand its point based system.

As per the rules, each registered applicant is awarded points on the basis of the various factors, such as experience, language, age, qualifications, etc. Applicants with the highest points will be issued an ‘Invitation to Apply’ and will get 60 days to apply for the Permanent Resident Visa (PRV). However, before you that must prove your potential by scoring at least 60 points.

Australia Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

You must be fully aware of the importance of the SOL, and before you apply, you must check the same. The DIBP release new SOLs every year. Here, you will find all the in-demand occupations listed based on its local labor market. If you intend to apply for the Skilled Visa, your occupation must match the profession mentioned on the SOL with the required experience and skills.

Skill Assessment and Language Proficiency

The DIBP has made it essential for the applicants to get their skills assessed and appear for the language test, prior to applying for the Skilled Visa. Both the documents are highly important, and without submitting the two documents, your application will not be considered complete.

Apply using SkillSelect

It is an online system that processes the Expression of Interest (EOI) submitted by the trained aspirants. Candidates applying for the Skilled Visa under the Subclass 189, Subclass 190 and Subclass 489 need to submit EOI through SkillSelect.

Key Visa Categories for Immigrate to Australia

Some of the popular visa categories are Subclass 189 (non-sponsored), Subclass 190 (state nominated), Subclass 186 (employer sponsored), Subclass 489 (state nominated–provisional), etc.

Step Wise Procedure for Immigrate to Australia.

  1. Get your IELTS certification done along with skill assessment from an authorized body.
  2. To apply, choose an occupation from the SOL or the Consolidated occupation List (CSOL)
  3. If applicable, get a nomination/sponsorship from an Australian state/territory.
  4. Using the SkillSelect, submit an EOI.
  5. Once your profile is selected, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) and will get 60 days to apply for the visa under your chosen category.

Contact a reputed professional visa and immigration advisor if you need any help and guidance on the subject.

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