Lithuania Entry to your Schengen Countries

Lithuania is a beautiful country with a population of 3.75 million populations and located in northeastern Europe and one of the trios of the Baltic Republics. It is a multi-culturist nation possessing cultures of bordered countries Poland, Russia, Latvia and Belarus. Vilnius is the largest and capital city of Lithuania with a population of 590,000.

Lithuania becomes member of the European Union in 2004. The country signed an agreement with the EU nations regarding freedom and other national issues. Lithuania imposed its immigration policies to normalize the freedom of movement of other nationals to Lithuania.

Lithuania Immigration laws follow and abide by Schengen visa agreement as well as enforce immigration laws similar to European standards. A non-EU national have to follow the Lithuanian embassy regulations as well as Schengen border code in an attempt to get a visa.

The republic of Lithuania provides temporary residence visa and permanent residence visa for candidates engaged in lawful activities meeting certain criteria. For getting a work permit in Lithuania non-EU nationals have to follow certain rules and payment conditions.

Lithuania embassy is responsible for providing all information regarding immigration laws. You can apply for a Lithuania visa citing its usefulness as a Schengen zone entry.

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