Melbourne Beats Sydney as Tourist Destination!

Of late, Melbourne has emerged as the hot favorite destination among tourists who come to the land of Kangaroos. The city has outdone the most popular Australian city. According to the figures released for the 12 months to March this year, by the Tourism Australia, over the last ten years, Melbourne’s interstate visitor numbers plummeted by 22 percent, which made up over 4 million tourists to the city in a year.

On the other hand, Sydney’s tourist numbers went down 15 per cent to make it 3.3 million a year. Even though Melbourne has defeated Sydney with its numbers of tourists, the latter still remains the bigger tourism market, especially when it comes to international tourists.

Last year which ended April 2010, around 5.7 million foreign tourists visited the land of Kangaroos. The figure is an increase of 2 per cent from the previous year. Australia has always emerged a popular tourist destination. The Oz cities like Sydney and Melbourne are some of those cities that attract some of the biggest tourist crowds that visit the nation every year. Australia has an endless numbers of tourist attractions. People across the globe visit the land of Kangaroos for a number of reasons. Apart from tourists, overseas people also find Australia as one of the favorite destinations to immigrate. The nation is in the league with the likes of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada, where majority of the world immigrant population go and settle there.

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