Apply for the Occupation of an Architect in Australia!

To apply for Australia immigration as a skilled occupant under the General Skilled Migration categories, at first you have to fulfill certain very basic requirements. You have to nominate an occupation that suits your educational qualifications and skills, from the list of skilled occupations. Ones also requires to have his academic qualifications evaluated by the concerned assessing body for his designated occupation.

According to the immigration law of the country, if you are applying for Australian skilled occupation of Architecture, then you need to have an accredited academic qualification in Architecture.

An accredited course signifies a minimum 5 years of full-time academic education in the prescribed areas of study. The core areas of architectural study include:  Professional Studies in Design, Technology, History and Communication. These qualifications must support all the core areas in order to evaluate it as ‘suitable’ for the occupation of an architect.

When an applicant has overseas academic qualifications in Architecture, the process of assessment is then known as an Assessment of Overseas Qualifications in Architecture for Migration Purposes. But if one has accredited Australian qualifications in Architecture, then the assessment process is known as Verification of Accredited Australian Academic Qualifications in Architecture for Migration Purposes.

The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) is the national organization in charge of coordinating, advocating and facilitating national standards for the registration of architects in the country.

  • AACA only assesses the completed academic qualifications in architecture.
  • AACA only assesses qualifications attained by course work.
  • Skills Assessment process of AACA does not incorporate work experience or comments from third party.
  • AACA does not give any advices on how to upgrade academic qualifications to fulfill the requirements for the skilled occupation for migration purposes.

When your status of accredited Australian qualifications will be verified, you will have to maintain the original as it may require for future purposes in the country. AACA issues only one Skills Assessment advice. You can provide a verified copy of your Skills Assessment along with your application for Australia immigration. While considering your application for Australia migration by the immigration authorities of the country, Skills Assessment process plays a very vital role.

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  1. Hi, just wanna find out if u know/advise anybody who graduated from university of madras architecture degree managed to get positive in AACA skills assesment. Pls email me for further discussion.

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