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Australia starts new resource projects luring overseas skilled workers

Considering a huge demand of overseas skilled workers in Australia, the Australian minister Chris Bowen made a new announcement regarding new resources of projects in Western Australia and Queensland that will be able to make more requirements available for such overseas skilled workers. Bowen confirmed that, only a small number of companies came forward to […]

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Critics Attack Fresh US Immigration Policy, Govt. Replies Back

In a fresh program–which is reportedly inspiring many nonprofit groups to boost efforts to assist the likely recipients–Washington DC has disclosed the particulars of its comprehensive immigration program. This may enable nearly one million unregistered young people to remain in the nation. However, the development has not gone down well with some critics who have […]

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Know How Visa Agents Assisting People from Bangalore

Visa agents in Bangalore are being much hyped for their great quality of service and tremendous effort in reducing stress of their clients by making them well aware of immigration related information and helping them in various other tasks like filling the application form with a great clarity, document-checklist, visa-interview preparation and much more. No […]

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