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Tips To Find Genuine Immigration and Visa Consultants in India

Due to high standards of qualification and tenacity to work efficiently in the Indian masses, hordes of people consider immigrating to a foreign land for better opportunities each year. In countries like U.S, U.K, Singapore, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Canada there exists a well set Indian population already. An increasing percentage of people move to […]

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Canadian Visa Immigration Service Company Is Assisting People from New Delhi

New Delhi being the capital city each year produces a number of applicants who are willing to migrate to Canada for better opportunities and resources. Canada is one of the most preferred immigration locations because of its scenic landscape, developed economy, open foreign policies and democratic approach towards immigrant population and a peaceful political atmosphere. […]

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Committee Demands Minimum Age for Prospective Marriage Visa to Increase to 18 Years

A parliamentary study done in Australia has revealed that prospective marriage visa candidates under the age of 18 years should not be allowed to travel to Australia for marriage purpose. Pursuant to this study, it will help prevent the minors from human trafficking and forced marriages. The Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee of Australia […]

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