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Application for a Permanent Residence Visa

Being an important type of visa program and issued by almost all popular immigration countries, a Permanent Residence Visa is regarded as the most convenient way of getting citizenship of any foreign country – as the name suggests – it makes them authorize for residing in the country permanently. Those businessmen and investors who show […]

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Lithuania language to know by immigrants

While migrating to a foreign country – one has to satisfy various requirements – language proficiency is one among them. The aspirant has to prove their efficiency in the language – officially recognized in their immigration destination. Lithuania immigration is not different – an individual who is having a wonderful desire of shifting in Lithuania […]

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Business Opportunities in New Zealand

The picturesque country of New-Zealand, apart from being a much sought-out tourist spot famous for its diverse landscape and adventure sports, also offers great trade opportunities in the field of agricultural export, support services and tourism. There are plentiful Business Opportunities in New Zealand. Since New Zealand is a developed economy running on an agricultural, […]

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Immigration Law is helping Latvian property market

The fact can’t be denied that the immigration law is playing an active role in enhancing the Latvian property market – as the amendment introduced in immigration law in July 2011 clearly verifies the sentence – caused the increasing demand of property in the country. The amendment witnessed an immense growth in property purchases in […]

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