Provincial work opportunities for General Practitioners/Family Physicians in Canada!

General Practitioners/Family Physicians/Family doctors are required more than ever in the health sector because of the increasing population, more people growing or aging and constantly advancing medical science.

Canada is experiencing a nation –wide shortage for Family Physicians/GPs. There are some provinces and territories in Canada which are currently facing greater shortage than the rest.

These regions are listed below:

British Columbia:
The entire province offers tremendous opportunities for Family Physicians/General Practitioners.

  • The Lower Mainland and Vancouver regions are simply the hubs for family doctors, as most of the hospitals as well as health care units are located here.
  • Family doctors are required more in number because of the growing number of people aging or wanting better medical services.
  • The family doctors planning to serve the rural populations in the province will be offered better incentives such as bonuses, student loan reductions, travel subsidies etc.
  • British Columbia is great place to emigrate for work.
  • Many international medical graduates have successfully found employment in this province.

The province offers attractive job offers for family physicians/GPs

  • There are certain regions which are quite promising in this province like Athabasca, Grande Prairie, Peace River Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Red Deer.

The province requires more family physicians in its health care sector

  • The prospects for family doctors will only increase in the coming years.
  • Certain areas in the province like Winnipeg are experiencing more shortage than the rest.
  • Most of the general practitioners in Manitoba work in health care centers or doctor’s offices, while a considerable number works in hospitals and residential health care homes.

The province is facing the challenge of recruiting family physicians.

  • Family physicians are one of the highest paid occupations in this province.
  • With many doctor’s retiring from work, the shortage will only increase.

Among all the provinces in Canada, the province of Ontario has adopted the best strategies to recruit and retain family physicians especially the foreign trained.

  • Internationally trained family physicians are working in plenty in the province.
  • The amendments put forward by the Canadian Health Ministry only serves to pull internationally trained doctors in to the provincial health care sector.

Other provinces of Canada like Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Yukon also are terrific for General Practitioners/Family Physicians.

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