Quebec Investor Programme–Requirements & Benefits

Quebec Investor Programme

Quebec is considered to be one of the major provinces in the country of Canada which is well renowned for its excellent infrastructure and a strong economy. The QIIP or the Quebec Investor Programme is recognized to be one of the well-renowned immigration schemes across the globe.

Quebec Investor Programme
Quebec Investor Programme

The Government of Quebec has introduced a wide number of immigration plans keeping in mind the requirements of immigrants. It is designed for attracting and inviting competent and qualified immigrant investors to the province. The QIIP bestows great opportunity for the immigration of investors and family for coming and getting Permanent Residency (PR).

The QIIP offers some amazing benefits which are not provided by most of the investor immigration programmes across the globe. Some eligibility requirements are there and the applicants need to fulfil these.

The eligibility criteria of this French language speaking province are different from those of the other countries and other areas in the Maple Leaf Country. Those who fulfil the eligibility criteria in a successful manner, get the opportunity for a living and working in the region.

Quebec Investor Programme–Eligibility Requirements

Investment Provision

The QIIP candidates who are willing to settle in Quebec will need to make an investment of 800,000 Canadian Dollars in a well recognized financial Intermediary authorized for partaking in the QIIP. The financial intermediary can finance the same.

Required Experience

Candidates who apply require having a management experience of at least two years in the past five years with an organization having at least two full-time employees. The organization may be a Government agency, international agency, or department.

Application Processing Fee

The application processing fee that is required to be paid is 15,000 Canadian Dollars.

Net Worth Clause

The applicant must have a net worth of at least 1.6 million Canadian Dollars with a spouse, partner or individually. The net worth amount is inclusive of assets such as stocks, bank accounts, pension funds, property, shares, pension funds, etc.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme–Some Aspects

Some of the top benefits of immigration to the province are easy access to public transportation and infrastructure, insurance coverage, healthy facilities, education at subsidized prices, additional financial assistance to people having more than 2 children. There is no restriction on the applicant’s age in the province, although the applicants of the age group of 20 to 35 years are conferred more preference. People with skills in English, as well as the French language, have additional benefits. It does not matter from which country people are coming and living in the province, there is no discrimination and all are treated as citizens.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme–Benefits

  1. An open and rich multicultural society where you can raise your family in a perfect manner.
  2. Well maintained and well developed private and public healthcare facilities.
  3. For people who are willing to travel abroad, Canadian passport counts to be an additional asset.
  4. A quality and well-balanced lifestyle in a province, which is free from pollution.

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