Salaries in Australia

Australia is, no doubt, one of the most decent places to live, work and study and people earn handsome salaries in Australia. The place is decked with perfect settings for people to come and reside in a serene atmosphere. In one of the latest (July 2009) news, “Australian employers added 32,200 workers, opposing expectations about the increase in the “Jobless Rates.”

salaries in australia

The news is even more optimistic for people who are looking forward to work and earn great salaries in Australia, as the unemployment rate remained at 5.8 per cent for July 2009 as opposed to the speculations that it would reach 6 per cent.

Australia allows you to earn good money and gain a high purchasing power at the same time. The Cost of Living is decent, allowing a resident to fulfill all his dreams at a gradual pace. The economic status of the Australians is pretty high. Ofcourse, you are required to do a little saving to secure your future also.

Apart from multiple job opportunities, Australia offers generous salary options to people, in accordance with their talent and experience level. According to The Bureau of Statistics, full-time earnings in Australia were A$58,874 in mid-2008 (average). With the addition of bonuses and overtime, this figure went up to $61,521 per annum.

Here are some instances: An accountant takes 60,100 – 92,100, Banking Customer Service 36,350 – 54,800, Chief Executive Officer 527,000 – 802,000, Customer Service Representative 53,200 – 86,900, Dental Hygienist 65,200 – 90,100, Fork Lift Operator 33,800 – 58,600, Jeweler 39,600 – 70,500, Metal Fabricator 47,800 – 66,400 and so on.

(All are computed in AUD$ per annum and are calculated before taxes, excluding bonuses, incentives and compensation.)

Similarly, the average full-time male wage (excluding overtime) in Australia is A$62,556 per annum and for a female is $52,520 per annum. In addition, the average full-time earnings (for the year 2008) are mentioned below:

STATEAverage Annual Wage
South Australia$54,563
Northern Territory$56,989
New South Wales$59,706
Western Australia$66,404
Capital Territory$68,978

So just give a breather to your itchy feet and move towards Australia. Don’t forget to hire the services of an experienced immigration specialist who will make this move easier for you.

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